Guyana Trip 2016

Please come to a meeting to discuss our plans for Guyana in summe rof 2016.  

When: Tuesday 26th april 2016

Where: Christ Church, Middle Road, warwick. Access to Thorburn Hall behind the church off Ord road

Time: 6 p.m.


Bingo & BBQ Fundraiser: Saturday June 20

Click on the flyer to download the sign-up form! Return by email to OR suzereilly61@gmail.comBermuda Overseas Missions (BOM) are hosting a Bingo and BBQ night on Saturday, June 20th from 6-9PM at Christ Church, Warwick, Bermuda to raise funds for our Malawi project this summer!

Meet your friends and bring the whole family!
Dozens of awesome prizes, great food and fun for all!

Download your Bingo & BBQ sign-up form to reserve your Bingo cards and place your food order.  

Return completed forms by Friday, June 12th 2015 by email to Michelle Fray-Morton ( OR Sue Reilly (


Doors will open at 5:45pm.

Meal options include beef hot dogs and hamburgers, veggie burgers, and chicken nuggets. 

All meals include french fries, coleslaw, corn on the cob and a beverage.

 Dessert Bake Sale will be available for purchase.


PRIZE SPONSORS include iClick Bermuda,  The Complete Office, and many more!




Bermuda Overseas Missions takes 32 volunteers to Malawi to Build Homes for Orphans whose Parents have Died of AIDS

Bermuda Overseas Missions (BOM) President, David Thompson announced that 32 volunteers would be travelling to Mulanje, Malawi on July 24, 2015 to work in partnership with the international charity Habitat For Humanity.

“I am very pleased to report that we have 20 Bermudian students who will be joining 12 adults on this very important trip to Malawi. Students from Berkeley Institute, Cedarbridge Academy, MSA and Warwick Academy have volunteered to build houses in Malawi to provide homes for orphans and vulnerable children.”

“Malawi has one of the world’s highest HIV/AIDS infection and death rates and more than half a million children have been left without parents and families. That’s approximately one quarter of all children aged 10-14 years who have been orphaned due to this infection. It’s hard to imagine the scale of this human tragedy and our volunteers will be helping to bring hope and housing to an area of the world that needs so much love and support”.

“We will be working with Habitat for Humanity and building homes in Southern Malawi near the Mozambique border. These homes are part of the Orphans and Vulnerable Groups (OVG) programme and to date Habitat has built over 200 homes for this group of people in desperate need of help.”

Mr Thompson says; “This is perhaps our most important mission in the 15 years that BOM has been working overseas and it would not be possible without the amazing support of local corporations such as Validus, Catlin, PartnerRe and Cellone. In fact, through their collective generosity we will be able to take 4 students from the Beyond Rugby programme on this once-in-a-lifetime trip as well as helping to sponor many other students joining us. ”

“In addition to these generous corporate donations, the volunteers and students coming to Malawi have contributed hundreds of hours to fundraising activities including car washes, dog grooming, roti sales and are now excited about the upcoming Fish Fry which is our biggest single fundraising event of the year.”

“I want to thank the community for their on-going support of BOM and hope you will come out and meet the students that will be heading out on this mission and join us for a delicious fish dinner prepared by Keith’s Kitchen. We will start serving at 4p.m. on Friday 22nd May 2015 at the kitchens of Christ Church, Warwick.”

To learn more about BOM and the mission to Malawi please contact Mr Thompson at or call 295 1078

May 18, 2015


Fish Fry: Friday May 22, Christ Church Warwick

Click for larger version of the poster
The fish fry event has now officially been opened.  Please look under downloadable content to find posters to put up at school, offices to advertise this event.  We have fish fry tickets at my office available for sale $20 each (includes the fish dinner – (fish; fries, peas’n rice, coleslaw) plus dessert and drink.  Dine in or take out it will be available from 4p.m. on 22nd May 2015 at the kitchens of Christ Church, Middle Road, Warwick (entrance on Ord Road just past the church). All proceeds to support Malawi trip.

This is a major fund raising event and everyone’s support is necessary to make this the best ever.  We have sold over 800 dinners one year so it would be great to top that!

If you would like to volunteer for the Friday 22nd May please contact Carolyn Arnold.  We will need a lot of volunteers to make this successful and there are many volunteer roles to choose from.  Also, on Wednesday 20th May we are looking for 3 or 4 people to assist in cleaning the kitchen at the church to prepare for the fish fry.  This will occur at 5.30p.m.and should not take long provided I get some help.

Please pick up tickets from the BOM office to presell fish dinners. The 22nd May is the Friday before the Bermuda Day holiday weekend, so a great day not to cook and have a fish dinner from BOM instead.

Looking forward to your support.



I have just posted the details of how to signup with Habitat for Humanity to participate in our Malawi trip. Also if you want to use Facebook to fundraise there are details on how to do this. Just go to the info tab and downloadable content.