Sincelejo, Colombia build on October 22, 2010

Hello All,

While some of you are gearing up to head to Honduras shortly, we wanted to announce - well in advance - a second build for this year: to take place at the end of October, for nine days in Sincelejo, Colombia.

The group will depart Bermuda on October 22nd 2010 and return to Bermuda on the evening of October 31st 2010 (these dates do coincide with the October school break). Sincelejo, for those who have not pulled out their maps just yet, is close to Cartegena (on the Caribbean Sea).

The cost per person will be approximately $2,000 to include airfare, ground transportation, the donation to Habitat, all meals and hotel accommodation plus food at the work site. The plan is to have a full week of work starting on the Monday October 25th.  There will be a day of sightseeing before the build and one day at the end of the build.

As David Thompson would like to get an idea of the number of those interested in this build, please do email him directly at:

Thank you!


Monique for BOM.


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