To provide the people of Bermuda, from all backgrounds, ages and faiths, an opportunity to make a difference in our world by addressing global issues and by building houses in countries where a critical need exists. We strive to build bridges of cultural awareness, develop new friendships and to renew our faith by committing to help our fellow man and woman, both overseas and in Bermuda, with practical caring actions.

It all started in 2003 with a small group of volunteers from Bermuda, who built a home for a needy family in Montana, USA. Each year, as word spread, the number of volunteers grew. In 2004, homes where built in Cochabamba, Bolivia; in 2005, in Mahalapi, Botswana; in 2006 Cluj-Napoca, Romania; in 2007 (Vajarda) Limoeiro, Brazil; In 2008 Zacapa, Guatemala; in 2009 Chacala, Mexico and San Migel, El Salvador, in 2010 Honduras and Sincelejo, Columbia; in 2011 Ndola, Zambia; in 2012 Aregua, Paraguay; in 2013 Idukki, Kerala, India; in 2014 Cochabamba, Bolivia[ In 2015 Muhiyo, Malawi and in 2016 Montrose, Haiti

To achieve our goals of building homes for those in need we work closely with Habitat for Humanity, a world wide organization dedicated to providing housing in underprivileged neighborhoods. We are pleased that in our 14 years of building, we have made a difference in the lives of 85 families totaling more than 400 people in 17 countries